Feather Heart Sisterhood introduces its 16 week virtues based program for girls ages 8-13. We teach girls the “how to” of owning their full power and celebrating the divine feminine within. The ultimate goal is to build a network of elevated, rooted women that transform the world.

This program gives girls the tools to navigate girlhood and prepares them for womanhood. At Feather Heart we focus on a different type of education. Education where emotional and social well being are pillars for living your best life and showing up fully in the world. Education that centers on embracing the world with hearts wide open filled with love and compassion, hearts flowing with courage and authenticity, and hearts beating with a genuine desire to share and create prosperous realities.

Empress Coming of Age Education is designed to

  • Improve self confidence and value

  • Nuture her mind, body, and spirit

  • Feed her soul

  • Listen to her ideas, wants, needs, and fears

  • Introduce her to multi-cultural awareness

  • Prepare her for academic, personal, and financial success

  • Explore possibilities and opportunities

  • Meet people from different cultural backgrounds

  • Learn to follow her heart and intuition

Here is synopsis of the material covered on a weekly basis.

Week 1- The Wombniverse/Yoniverse/Universe

Week 2- Earth Reverence

Week 3- Why is his story history and my story mystery?

Week 4- Divine purpose. Destiny and identity. Creating guiding principles

Week 5- The 4 aspects of well-being

Week 6-Self-love, self-care, self-preservation

Week 7- Healthy Boundaries, healthy relationships

Week 8- Authencity and Integrity